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Cooking with Himalayan Knowledge 


We are presently introducing our new youtube channel "Cooking with Himalayan Knowledge". There will be videos describing aryuvedic properties of spices as well as some basic and complex traditional Indian recipes. Please join me both in my kitchen and in my organic garden

Kristin is the author of "Kristin Jarden’s Vegetarian Cookbook,"a compilation of 300 recipes with a comprehensive glossary of spices, daals, and other ingredients based on the science of Ayurved. In Sanskrit Ayur is life and ved is science or knowledge, so Ayurved is the ancient holisitic approach to living a healthy and balanced life, using spices, herbs and tips.

This inspiring guide will enable you to master the art of Indian vegetarian cooking  and spicing in your own home. Enlivened by vivid descriptions of Indian life, mythical stories and gems of ancient wisdom it also provides insight into this fascinating country, its culture and its people.

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