Weekly Satsang with Krishna and Pragati

Sat means truth and sang means company.

Satsang is a meeting in which the talks of truth are spoken and meditation is practiced, so that one’s awareness is opened

towards one’s true nature.

In these meetings we will:


  • Meditate with clarity to build a solid foundation for daily practice

  • Unfold a lasting freedom from worry and mental dramas

  • Practise praanayam (breathing exercises) to enhance  meditation and  vital energy

  • Discover powerful and relevant philosophy from the Yogic and Vedic scriptures

  • Learn to apply this ancient wisdom as a fresh thought in our modern times

Tuesday evenings

Sept 8 – Sept 29

7.00 PM to 8.00 PM AWST

Monday mornings

Sept 21 – Oct 12    

9.00 AM - 10.00 AM AWST

Each series of satsangs will be for four weeks and led alternately by Krishna or Pragati.

If, under the current circumstances, you have lost part or all of your income, we are happy to accommodate you.  Just contact us by email.