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In these meetings we will:

  • Meditate with clarity to build a solid foundation for daily practice

  • Unfold a lasting freedom from worry and mental dramas

  • Practise praanayam (breathing exercises) to enhance  meditation and  vital energy

  • Discover powerful and relevant philosophy from the Yogic and Vedic scriptures

  • Learn to apply this ancient wisdom as a fresh thought in our modern times

2024 Satsang with Krishna and Pragati

Sat means truth and sang means company.

Satsang is a meeting in which the talks of truth are spoken and meditation is practiced, so that one’s awareness is opened

towards one’s true nature.

$72 AUD

Tuesday evenings

June 11 - July 2

7.00 PM to 8.15 PM AWST


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Sunday evenings

June 9 - June 30

8:00PM - 9:15 AWST

Want to sign up for both Sundays and Tuesdays? We are offering a 50% discount.

Sign up for both days $108AUD

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