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“These songs are the expression of the delight and understanding that have come to me while meditating and studying with Swami Shyam. The word ‘Shyam’ describes the blue-black space perceived by the inner eye in meditation. My songs come from that space and I sing them to experience that immortal and blissful space, the source of All.” 

Simon Littledale

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This double album is a compilation of songs that Simon wrote and recorded in Kullu, India, between 1980 and 1997.


Beginning with the autobiographical song "Warm Breath of India" which describes his first journey to the East, Simon's songs so poetically and powerfully depict his spiritual journey and the clarity of his understanding from years meditating and studying with Swami Shyam.

River of Light I includes: Warm Breath of India, Shyam I Remember, Would You Listen?, River of Light, Flying (Shyam Bird), Pa's Song, Silken Thread, Ashtavkr, First Meeting, Hum Hum Hum, Big Sky.

River of Light II includes: Summer Rain, Welcome The Mystery, Sat Chit Aanand, The Watcher, There Is A Light, Always Shyam, Simple Living Highest Thinking, Mantra Man, Supernova, Room in the Sky.


RIver of Light

21 tracks

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The culmination of a lifetime's work and knowledge. Written in '98-99, Simon recorded the first 8 songs in the autumn of '99 on a 4-track in his room in Kullu - a little town in the Himalayan mountains, India. The last song "In-Between" was written and performed live for Swami Shyam's birthday celebration at the end of January 2000.


Posthumously, instrumental tracks were added in June 2001 by SImon's fellow musician and friend Peter Follett, and lovingly recorded and mixed by Elliot Sairan of Vyner Road Studios.

Includes: Love is Eternal, The Seer of the Moon, Standing Stones, Anywhere, Don't Get Too Heavy for the Sky, Lake of the Sky, Living With a Master, Higher Road, In-between.

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Love is Eternal

9 tracks

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Standing Stones 

Like a Mirror to the Sky:   A Review of Love is Eternal

This is a collection of nine beautiful, tranquil and highly personal songs, each one of them reflecting a spiritual vision clothed in a poetic, flowing expression of the writer's unique take on various aspects of the phenomenon we call human life.

Concerning himself with the praiseworthy task of the upliftment of the spirit, Simon Littledale certainly provides an alternative to more gloomy outlooks in contemporary culture. Breaking down the illusions that bind us, urging the listener to recognize that Love is Eternal, he challenges the listener's view of love, himself and eternity.

His playful and poetic vision finds great expression in songs like the title track Love is Eternal, and in Standing Stones, which beautifully depicts how the subtle current of a river breathes sentience into the most rigid structure - a rock - by dissolving it, reminding us that nothing is allowed to get frozen in creation. The journey from individuality to Oneness, the ever present source of our own being, is a theme that runs through many of the songs of the album. The beautiful Lake of the Sky, which describes two lions at the shore of a lake, expresses this journey as a sudden awakening, by the shattering of the mesmerizing illusion of the moon reflected in the lake.

The music has a very personal feel, intimate and direct. The additional instruments like bamboo flute, sitar, harmonica and keyboards, blend in tastefully, creating a meditative atmosphere, making Love is Eternal a very uplifting listening experience.

Gard Syversen,  Oslo, Norway

The title song, River of Light expresses the quintessence of his awareness. What appears will disappear and "that which will remain is always there," as a river of light remains unbroken by the forms it shines upon. Some of his songs are very upbeat, even danceable. Hum Hum Hum is his exultation at knowing what overcomes any obstacle. Would You Listen? is an anthem for anyone who knows the value of meditation and the experience of peace that it unfolds. In "Welcome The Mystery," his voice softly and eloquently articulates how he revelled in the life of each day - knowing its source is an ineffable spirit revealed as love for all. Sat Chit Aanand is a deceptively playful song about meeting with the profoundest of understandings.

Shakti Kumar was an artist and entertainer, producing his own music as well as drawings and paintings. He had a genius for expression. I realized as I listened again to these songs that some of his phrases and melodies had become mantras for me, lifting my mind from its habitual difficulties to a state of patience, relaxation and delight ...

Ken Gould,  Los Angeles, California

His songs have the effect of elevating one's spirits, but even without their melodies, they live beautifully as poems in their own right. Neither too embellished nor to spare, they are clear, soulful, and sometimes funny reflections on the river of life and its source. In short, they are like Shakti Kumar himself, an extension of his tender heart, humorous imagination, lively intellect, and free spirit.

Ian Stanbury,  Kullu, India

Being a songwriter myself, I can appreciate the incredible amount of dedication, passion and talent a writer must possess to manifest masterpieces from the muse! What a joy and delight to savour Simon Littledale's inspiring voice, melodies and lyrics on Love is Eternal !

As a sound- and thought-weaver, Simon offers an inspiring vision of life, experience and Self-knowledge, consistently filling my room, head and heart-space with a divinely-touched magic that seems to know no bounds!

Love is Eternal is a beautifully produced gem featuring master musician Peter Follet on instrumental accompaniment. As an oracle to inner awareness I return to it again and again - my open door to higher ground!

 Alan Wade,  Florida, USA

Simon Littledale has graced us with a body of work that beautifully reflects the passion with which he lived his life. A penetrating thinker, his genius and gift is that he is able to translate his observations into lyrics which perfectly capture a mood, a thought, or a subtle concept with wit and elegance, making abstract ideas very accessible. I especially love his songs about meditation - they always give me fresh insight into the wonder of this practice.

Thank you, Simon, for sharing your vision with all of us.

Linzee Smith,  Montreal, Canada

I appreciate the depth and quality of Simon Littledale's music. The place of personal experience from where he expresses resonates universal chords at the listener's very core. His insightful, sometimes humorous lyrics flow through his masterful musical ability like a golden river of light.

Allan Michael,  Ottawa, Canada

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