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Her innate love of cooking and interest in health led her to learn the science of Ayurvedic cooking. She is the author of a comprehensive book,

"Kristin Jarden’s Vegetarian Cookbook," a vast compilation of traditional recipes gleaned over years of cooking in the homes and villages of India. She has taught cooking classes in India and New Zealand, and has catered for numerous gatherings at the I.M.I., often cooking on wood fires for 300 people or more.

For the past forty years, Kristin Jarden (Krishna) has lived in Kullu, known as the Valley of Gods, in the Himalayas of Northern India. Originally from New Zealand, Kristin had an inquiry to find the purpose of life. It was this sense that “something more exists” and questions such as, “Who am I?" that led her to India to find inner perfection.


Kristin has been immersed in a mastership programme in the company of Swami Shyam, an enlightened sage, at the exclusive International Meditation Institute. She lives in an international community devoted to higher knowledge, where she has dedicated her life to meditation and its transformative philosophy. Kristin is now a senior lecturer at the I.M.I. and is certified by the institute to teach advanced meditation and yogic studies, classic philosophy of Oneness, the Bhagavad Gita, and Patanjali Yog Darshan. She holds a PhD in Meditation from the Vishwa Unnyayan Samsad (World Development Parliament), New Delhi and Kolkata.


Over decades, Kristin has had the unique opportunity to observe her living master and has been infused with the wisdom of a fully enlightened being. Her understanding of how ancient knowledge can be applied in the modern age is unique and fresh. Throughout the years, Kristin has travelled to NZ where she has taught seminars, conducted satsangs, and taught hundreds of people to meditate. With originality and delight, Kristin skillfully communicates timeless wisdom in modern language, making ancient knowledge relevant and applicable in today’s world.

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