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The mystery of the Gita was explained in plain language and very relevant in this time. Your descriptions and analogies created pictures to enable the  understanding of oneness. The course gave me a sense of ‘coming home.’ I was united with that which is forgotten and yet desired. Having the recording, I can continue studying this vast subject of understanding what it is to be a human being. Thanks for all the work you put into the program.

Jill Duncan, NZ

Pragati and Krishna have been with a fully realized being, Swami Shyam, for 4 decades, and their teachings and presence reflect this. 

I was fortunate to meet them in Perth 2019 on their Meditation Teacher Training course—and this is where my journey really began. My many years of seeking were finally over and I have continued meditating with them ever since. 

They offer simple meditation techniques that guide your attention into the space of divine oneness. The weekly Satsang sessions are deep, profound, and suitable for any level of meditator. 

Along with being amazing teachers, they have offered support, love, and great kindness along my journey and I am eternally grateful to them both.

Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum

Mandy Burness, Perth

One good thing that has come out of Covid, is that opportunities like learning from two of the nicest, kindest, wisest, meditation gurus - who just happen to be sisters living in the Himalayas - is now available via Zoom.

Krishna and Pragati have dedicated their lives to their spiritual journey, and love sharing their knowledge with others.  Through meditation and mantra, they will gently guide you, to find what you’ve been searching for - just as they did for me.

Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum 


I was fortunate enough to recently complete Module 3 Meditation Teacher Training with Krishna and Pragati. In a time where I was busy with an upheaval in life, I was worried that completing the module would take time from other areas in my life which were demanding much attention. However, rather than take time away from me, this course nourished and recharged me, and clarified so much about this beautiful practice. 

Krishna and Pragati each have over 4 decades worth of experience to share. They share this knowledge and experience freely, and with loving enthusiasm for the wonderful benefits of these techniques.  The power of pranayaam skilfully guided by Pragati, and the wisdom of these ancient practices woven into a structured and easy to understand format by Krishna, leave me wanting to learn and study with these two skilled mentors further.  Until the next module, I will sit and watch the space that has left a permanent impression in my consciousness.  

Sava 🙏

Two rays of sunshine who vibrate the universe as well as all our hearts with wisdom, love and knowledge! I feel lucky to have been on a journey with these lovely ladies gaining so much insight and knowledge into mindfulness, yoga and meditation. If you want to continue to grow and flourish into the best version of yourself you can be then I highly recommend joining forces with these beautiful souls. Your life will feel enriched in all aspects and you’ll feel a sense to share your wisdom with others. 

Stephanie Miller

I’ve been attracted to “Himalayan Wisdom” for many years. When the opportunity finally came to join in to Krishna & Pragati’s meditation and pranayam teacher training I immediately felt like I had arrived someplace familiar! My intent was to make meditation my addiction! I was and am still amazed how the knowledge & techniques received are simple and invaluable to help bring you calm, peace & joy to everyday life. I look forward every week to online Satsang to help keep me anchored to this amazing space. Meditation really is as easy as closing the eyes and watching the space... what are we watching?... join in, learn the simple skill, improve your wellbeing and find out

Gratitude & Love to you Krishna & Pragati! 

Estelle Cormans

The best thing you can do for yourself is the meditation trainings with Krishna & Pragati. They hold such a pure & free space for you to move into meditation; and just watch how effortlessly you connect to the space! They communicate so clearly the knowledge they have lived for most of their life in the Himalayas with guru Swami Shyam. The friendships & connections you gain from being together in the space through these trainings, both on line and in person is both precious & enriching . You learn new skills & a way of life that will not only benefit you but also those around you. Thank you again Krishna & Pragati for another blissful journey into the space - the delightful reminder that we are all pure, free & forever.      Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum

The best course you could do for meditation teacher training! i learnt so much and they are so accommodating. i have 4 kids and can’t make it to a fair bit of the course so they took time out to personally chat with me when i did have time. amazing. would highly recommend.

Brooke Stevens 

Krishna is an inspirational teacher. Her depth of knowledge and practical approach to meditation makes you feel so comfortable every step of the way. You will learn how to find your true self through simple but very effective techniques. Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in meditation.

Karla Chvala

I attended the Meditation teachers training in Perth last year. Krishna and Pragati bring a wealth of knowledge from the Himalayas and help you connect to the space in meditation so easily. The vibe and ambience they create in their sessions was amazing. The techniques and topics covered in the sessions are very thorough and simple so you have a greater awareness and connection with your higher self.

Ra Jarden-Osborne

I was dragged along to the full day meditation workshop with Pragati and Krishna in May 2019 by my wife. I was sceptical about whether meditation was for me, having never done it before, and not really expecting to be able to do it properly. I had an image that meditation was just for deeply spiritual and enlightened people. However, my experience on the day was the total opposite of this. Krishna and Pragati were able to explain meditation in a clear and simple way and to demystify the process. 

Very quickly I experienced a deep meditation without needing to over think it. Following the one day course, I have continued to practise meditation and I have found, much to my surprise, that I have benefitted in many different ways.

I am much calmer at work and find that situations that arise don’t seem as significant as I previously would have thought. I am now enjoying meditating four to five times a week and up to 45 minutes at times. I love meditating now and this would never have happened without the wonderful guidance and encouragement of Pragati and Krishna.

Continuing to meet with them once a week via Zoom has meant that I continue to learn and develop my meditation practice. I feel as though I am a better person and feel very grateful for their time and support.


Rory Aadmolt Perth W.A

Having attempted meditation at home using apps, and attending the Buddhist temples in Perth, then meeting Krishna and Pragati and learning the skills and having access to tools, has led me to experience unique and longer meditations  

Able to find the source, the 'knower' in this space and access it on the daily, is life-changing. Blissing out on the daily is my new mantra. They are both such wonderful people and bring much light, love, and joy to our meditation experience. 

All of us who attended the workshops with Pragati and Krishna, shared moments where there was laughter, tears, and joy. It's the next level ! Recommend to everyone and anyone.

Natasha Shanks


The Little Lord Street Band

The meditation teacher training module by Himalayan Knowledge was a beautifully, gentle transformation for me. I found that with their guidance, I was able to translate practising meditation for years and transform this into a teaching practice, and am now able to share this gift to others. Pragati and Krishna are such loving, engaging people with a huge amount of depth and wisdom. Their collection of mantras, techniques and practices equipped us with tools to cope and develop a full life as well as opened us up to the love available to us at any time. When I close my eyes I think of the blue-black space and feel so connected to myself/the universe/God. Pure love. I loved their training so much, I managed to visit their space in India and their community was so welcoming. When you train with Himalayan Knowledge, you gain a new community, knowledge and family.


Giselle Natassia. Perth W.A

I deeply enjoyed and benefited from Krishna and Pragati's wonderful teachings and presence. Whether you are teaching others, learning to "chill" or seeking enlightenment - you owe it to your "self" to be a part of the magic.

Richard Giroud Perth W.A

I would like to say a huge thank you to Pragati from Himalayan Knowledge for the wonderful online module one, “Meditation Teacher Training Course.”

It was an amazing seven-week course which I thoroughly enjoyed, and learnt so much. Every week I looked forward to Wednesday mornings to soak up more information from Pragati who is so knowledgeable and such a beautiful soul.

The joy of learning the mantra Amaram Hum Madhuram Hum (I am Immortal, I am Blissful) is almost indescribable for me as it’s what I’ve been searching for, for many years. I resonated with these powerful words immediately and have recently been in awe when I’ve shared these wonderful teachings with a beautiful group of like-minded people at my studio, Tara Yoga.

With love and gratitude, I thank you Pragati.

Sharryn Saracen, Tara Yoga Centre W.A

I attended the two day meditation workshop with Pragati and Krishna in May 2019.

Previously, I had meditated on and off, but would lose momentum and didn’t feel confident that I was ‘doing it right.’ I was a little apprehensive initially that everyone doing the course would be more experienced than I, but actually there was a great mix of people, ranging from absolute beginners, to quite experienced meditators.

From the moment I stepped into the room, I felt such a sense of warmth and welcome and knew that I was in the right place. Pragati and Krishna were wonderful teachers and within a very short time, we were all experiencing a deep and beautiful meditation. We were given simple tools in terms of the mantra and praanayam and these were easy to do and to maintain after the workshop.

Since this time, we have continued to meet almost weekly via Zoom to continue our learning in meditation and satsang. I really look forward to these sessions as they help me to stay focused on my daily meditation practice and it gives me time to enjoy a deeper experience. Pragati and Krishna’s teaching reminds me of who I really am and this gives me such a sense of peace in my daily life. I am getting better and more disciplined in my meditation every day and the benefits just keep coming. I am calmer, kinder, less reactive to people and situations, and have a much greater sense of well-being. Every aspect of my life has benefited and I feel excited to see where this journey will continue to take me.

Thank you Pragati and Krishna - I can’t wait for you to come back to Perth and also to sit with you both in satsang in Kullu one day.

 Joanne Aadmolt

After many years of meditation and practising various techniques I often felt confused and wondered if I was ‘doing it right.’  After completing the offerings from Pragati and Krishna, I have solidity and confidence in my daily practice. The richness of this technique has overflowed into my life with increased synchronicity and abundance. I have also found comfort, purity and strength during profound expansion.

They have offered continual support since I first met them and I look forward to soaking up their wisdom and divine presence once again. It is such a blessing to have such profound teachers like Pragati and Krishna visit Perth.

Rebecca Gallagher

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