Ayurvedic Vegetarian Cooking

An Ayurvedic vegetarian cooking course coming soon to New Zealand's Kapiti Coast


Kristin demystifies the notion that Indian food needs to be rich and spicy to be delicious, yet she preserves the flavours of Indian vegetarian cooking. Her recipes incorporate traditional and modern techniques and ingredients.

In Kristin’s cooking classes, you will learn:

  • The three Vedic principles of food—lightness (sattwa), energy (rajas), and stability (tamas)

  • The properties of spices and their uses in Ayurved

  • Simple techniques to make a wide variety of dishes

  • Recipes to prepare delicious, healthy food in your own kitchen

Kristin is the author of "Kristin Jarden’s Vegetarian Cookbook,"a compilation of 300 recipes with a comprehensive glossary of spices, daals, and other ingredients based on the science of Ayurved. In Sanskrit Ayur is life and ved is science or knowledge, so Ayurved is the ancient holisitic approach to living a healthy and balanced life, using spices, herbs and tips.

This inspiring guide will enable you to master the art of Indian vegetarian cooking  and spicing in your own home. Enlivened by vivid descriptions of Indian life, mythical stories and gems of ancient wisdom it also provides insight into this fascinating country, its culture and its people.

  • traditional and modern Indian dishes

  • healthful cooking with reduced fat

  • egg-free baking

  • a comprehensive glossary of ingredients based on Ayurvedic principles

“Kristin’s cooking is not only refined and full of sumptuous flavors, but it is also prepared with respect for the food we eat and awareness of its life-giving properties. Her classes taught me how to make delicious meals for my friends and family. Kristin has a unique natural aptitude for delighting people with the art of cooking.”

– Jill Ronsley,

Editor and Book Designer, Canada