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Essential Knowledge of
the Chakras Combined with Praanayam

Join Pragati for a Four-Week Course

$120 AUS

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March 2 - March 23, 2023

9:00 AM AWST, 2:00 PM NZ


Awaken the awareness of the seven major chakras in the human nervous system, and be absorbed in the Source Space from where all emanates.  

Selected praanayams will strengthen and refine the chakras, thereby opening the sushumna, the channel of infinite spiritual possibility.

When the dormant kundalini power is awakened, the rising and falling tides of inhalation and exhalation, along with all pairs of opposites—happiness and unhappiness, good and bad, day and night—are absorbed in the space of oneness.

All the Zoom classes are recorded, so you never have to miss a session.

You will receive a comprehensive PDF for each class.

You will receive a certificate of completion from Himalayan Knowledge.

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