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Himalayan Knowledge Foundation Series


Two Praanayam-Meditation Courses 

Live-on-Line with Pragati

Course One: The Essential Praanayam

4 weekly classes, each Thursday, starts 6 February, 2020

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM AWST

1. Principal praanayam: Deergh Shwas, full yogic breath

2. Supreme praanayam: Ujjayi, ocean breath

3. Sensitizing praanayam: Ayk Kadam Shwas, step breathing

4. Revitalizing praanayam: Kapal-bhati, “skull shiner”

5. Balancing praanayam: Anulom-vilom, alternate nostril breathing

6. Tranquilizing praanayam: Bhramaree, humming breath

7. Fourth-state praanayam: Kumbhaks—antar vritti, baahya vritti, stambh vritti, and chaturth praanayam, outward retention, inward retention, simply stopping, and the fourth breath

A certificate of achievement of Himalayan Knowledge Foundation Series Praanayam-Meditation will be awarded at the completion of both The Essential Praanayam and The Intermediate Praanayam. Available dates and times are open for discussion. The Essential Praanayam must be completed before the Intermediate Praanayam. A PDF will be provided.

Course Two: The Intermediate Praanayam

4 weekly classes, each Thursday, starts 5 March, 2020

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM AWST

Introduction and practice of the Bandhs: Mool Bandh, Jaalandhar Bandh, and Uddiyaan Bandh. These powerful bandhs will also be added to different praanayam exercises.


1. Sensitizing praanayam: Pooran Shwas, deep-lung ventilation

2. Balancing praanayam: Samvritti, square breathing

3. Revitalizing praanayam: Bastrika, bellows breathing

4. Cooling praanayam: Sheetkar and Sheetali, cooling breath

5. Tranquilizing praanayam: Moorcha, swooning breath

6. Invigorating praanayam: Soorya Bhed, sun breath

7. Ultimate praanayam: Praan Chintan Kumbhak, jewel of kumbhaks

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