Online Meditation Courses

Learn how to bring the mind back to its originality and fill it with joy, lightness, and freedom.

Five-week online meditation courses available:

  1. Meet Your True Self through Meditation

  2. Gift of Meditation

  • Evolve freedom from the “dramas” and stress of the mind

  • Rise above fear, worry, anxiety, and confusion

  • Develop and maintain a foundation practice, even with a busy life

  • Bring higher thinking into your daily life

Your reality is pure, free, and forever. Through meditation you come to directly experience, know, and live this free state of mind—the fourth state. This is everyone’s birthright. We are born with it, but it has become covered by the veils of our normal three states: waking, dream, and deep sleep. Through meditation the awareness of your unchanging, inner sky space is revealed, bringing about physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.​

“Meditation on your pure, free, inner Space enables you to draw power from your own treasury.”

– Swami Shyam

Reviews for Kristin

Having spent the majority of her life studying the practice of meditation in India with Swami Shyam, Kristin Jarden is very competent. Her ability to live and share the knowledge is very inspiring!


K. Sæverud

TV Producer, Norway

I have studied with Kristin for the past 30 years. She knows just how to relate the knowledge to practical every day life. It has been indispensable in my family, social and work life. I have learnt a calmer and more empathetic attitude from my study with Kristin.


Jill Duncan

Waldorf Educator, New Zealand

Kristin is practical and clear in her approach. She conveys the meditative state in each of her sessions without fail because she practices and makes it her number one priority.


Sandra Hamelmann

Yoga Teacher, Canada