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Timeless Meditation

Thursday evenings June 6- August 8 2019

(with the exception of June 27) 

Lotus Yoga Centre, Paraparaumu

Meditation is pure, simple, practical, and effective! All are welcome, beginners and advanced meditators.

Meditation: Receive effective techniques and guidance that dispels common misconceptions.

Pranayam, the Science of Breath: Fill yourself with vital energy! When the breath is refined, thinking is refined. Discover the innate relationship between the mind and the breath.

Mudras: Specific hand positions direct the flow of subtle energy and bring about health and vitality.

Mantras and Chanting: Understand the subtlety of sound and experience its transformative effect. Learn simple Sanskrit mantras.

  • You will benefit from Timeless Meditation sessions if :

  • You need to reduce the impact of worries, drama, and stress in your life

  • You would like to be more effective, powerful, and relaxed, and thus able to help your family, friends, and those around you

  • You want satisfaction and ease

  • You seek deeper meaning and purpose

  • You are interested to know your true self

Thursdays June 6-August 8

7.30 p.m.-9.00 p.m.

$15 per evening, no registration required

Lotus Yoga Centre

91 Ruapehu Street,


Contact Kristin:

phone 027-300-2589

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