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Secrets of Meditation Revealed


Meditation allows you to find your inner jewel, which in Sanskrit is called the chintamani. Chintamani means “wish-fulfilling jewel,” and it is said that when you find your chintamani, all your wishes will be fulfilled. The highest wish is to live a state of peace and freedom from the impact of stress and worry, united in love with one’s own true Self. 

The chintamani jewel is hidden deep in the heart of every person, and through the practice of meditation, which directs the flow of human consciousness inward, deep into the infinite ocean of light, the jewel is revealed, and shines in all its glory. 

Leamington, Cambridge, Waikato

Fri. evening 28 June 7.30 p.m.—9.00 p.m.

Sat. 29 June 10.00 a.m.—5.00 p.m.

Sun. 30 June 10.00 a.m.—3.00 p.m.

Kristin has been living in the heart of the Himalayas for forty years, immersed in a specialised mastership program at the International Meditation Institute, under the enriching guidance of a fully enlightened master. She has been awarded a PhD in meditation, and has extensively studied, imbibed, and taught the ancient Sanskrit texts.

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Price $290 

Meditation can be understood and easily practiced by everyone. The results are joy, ease, and freedom from stress. Enhance your life, achieve balance, transform your view.

Whether you are just starting or ready to add new techniques to your existing yoga or meditation practice, Kristin offers a fresh thought and communicates the experience of inner peace and joy.

Meditation: Receive effective techniques and guidance that dispels common misconceptions. Explore your own power and create an atmosphere of freedom.


Pranayam, the Science of Breath: Fill yourself with vital energy! When the breath is refined, thinking is refined. Discover the innate relationship between the mind and the breath.


Mudras: Specific hand positions direct the flow of subtle energy and bring about health and vitality.


Mantras and Chanting: Understand the subtlety of sound and experience its transformative effect. Learn simple Sanskrit mantras.


These practices develop the ability to

• live and act with clarity

• be more effective, powerful, and relaxed, and thus able to help your family, friends, and those around you

• free yourself from mental dramas, suffering, and fear

• pause, and gain balance and strength in dealing with difficult circumstances

• unfold motivation, creativity, and inspiration

• maintain and evolve your practice, even with a busy life

Featuring:   Clearing the Mind Clutter

Pip Oxlade presents inspiring activities from her book “Cosmic Radiance Discovery,” along with ThetaHealing insights to complement your journey.

For more information call Pip +64 (0)21 031 7324

Lunch will be provided on Saturday. 

Tea and snacks will be provided throughout. 

Includes a gift from the Himalayas

Booklet with topics covered

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