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Breath is precious. When breath is refined, thinking is refined. With the practice of pranayam, every cell is flooded with the vital force, and the result is the ability to store pran, the vital force, so that a treasury of this pure energy is available to you at all times.


New courses coming soon

Specific hand positions for directing energy currents to bring about health and vitality.

Learn key mudras and reap their benefits

  • Learn specific pranayam techniques that sensitize, balance, invigorate, and relax

  • Develop a foundation in your own pranayam practice

  • Understand the science and benefits of pranayam

  • Become the master of your breath and the master of your mind

Breath is essential for human existence. Vedic science teaches us to notice its movement, regulate it, train it, love it, and reap the benefits of doing so. Pranayam is the ancient yogic technique which uses breathing exercises to regulate the subtle pranic forces, which not only brings about health and balance, but leads the human consciousness to the dimension of freedom, peace, and equanimity.

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