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Meet your True Self
Through Meditation and Praanayam


Tuesday May 5 2020

6.45 p.m.—8.30 p.m.


Venue: Stone’s Throw Yoga

2815 Jacoby St, Mundaring

We have added another workshop of meditation and praanayam the following week (Tuesday May 12th) at no additional cost. These workshops will be streamed live into Stone’s Throw Yoga directly from the Himalayas. Alternatively, you will be able to connect to the live video conference from the comfort of your own home.

Meditation will certainly unfold the higher power and wisdom that lie within you in potential form. As the flow of the river is unseen, the flow of your own Source is unseen. Meditation reveals the unseen flow of life, bringing peace, clarity, and unity with your true nature.


  • Learn clear meditation and unfold strength, brightness, and happiness

  • Meditation enables you to draw forth power from your own treasury and to function more effectively

  • Praanayam: Connect with your own vital energy! When breath is refined, thinking is refined

  • Discover the innate relationship between the mind and the breath with ancient and practical breathing techniques

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