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The Bhagavad Gita, known as the Song Celestial or the Song of the Self, is a promise from the Knower of the Truth to those who are seeking the truth of their own Self.

The Gita presents a dialogue between the questioning mind in the form of Arjun, and the answered or realized state represented by the Sage Krishn.


Knowledge of the Gita is ancient and eternal. Thus when the Gita is read and applied in today’s world, it will make you powerful in your thought and action.


Meditation is the essence of the Gita. In this course, we will practice meditation clearly and effectively. We will study selected verses from Chapter 6, known as the Unity of Meditation.


The focus of this course 


  • The story and symbolism of the Gita revealed

  •  An in-depth study of specially selected Sanskrit verses about meditation and the eternal source

  • How to act from wisdom and strength

  • How to know the unchanging nature of the Self

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