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Kirtan and Meditation

with Pragati


Learn to sing simple Sanskrit and Hindi mantras and chants that lead the attention to the blissful source-awareness of your own Being. 

Kirtan means to call, recite, celebrate, praise, or glorify. The kirtan songs are simple chants that open the space of your infinite Self. Man means mind and tra means release. So mantras do exactly that—they release the mind from its earth-bound conditions, and allow it to fly in the limitless space from where it originates.

Everyone can sing!  Explore your voice and breath. 

You do not have to be a perfect singer to join kirtan. It does not matter if you are on key or off key. Unless you try, you do not know how wonderful singing can be. And don’t feel shy, you are muted on Zoom anyway! Kirtan allows you the freedom to enter the realm of your purity and the inner treasury of your life source.

 With the repetition of these mantras, the sound combinations carry your attention to the realm of peace and delight, thereby unfolding the meditative state. Join me, and enjoy the bliss of your own Self through chanting and meditation.  

Thursday Evening
22 April – 13 May 2021,   
7:00 PM – 8:00 PM AWST

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$80 AUD

(I will teach 8 kirtans, 2 per class, with 4 – 6 Hindi words comprising the songs)

If, under the current circumstances, you have lost part or all of your income, we are happy to accommodate you. Just contact us by email.

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