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Let’s Begin to Meditate

Pure, Simple, Practical,

and Effective Meditation


Wednesdays, July 15 to August to 12,

7.00 PM—8.00 PM AWST

$90 AUD

Under the current circumstances, if you have lost part or all of your income we would like to offer assistance. Please email or PM us.

In this five week course you will:


  • Gain a foundation in the simple practice and timeless wisdom of meditation

  • Learn that you are more than your thinking—rather, you are pure and free

  • Reduce the impact of dramas, worries and stress

  • Learn breathing techniques to calm the mind and rejuvenate the nervous system

  • Come to understand where peace, freedom and joy reside

Once you learn these skills, you will always have access to a treasury of well-being and delight.

I use Zoom as a platform, it is very easy to use. Each week I will be sending you a link, so we can be live online. Every class will be recorded, and you will receive the recordings after each class. So you have to miss a class for any reason, there will be a recording for you.

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