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Master Meditation and Master Breath

Live-online with Krishna and Pragati

This course of “Master Meditation and Master Breath”

will give you the direct experience of your indestructible Knower,

as well as the ability to communicate this knowledge to others.

  • Introduce your students to the ancient spiritual knowledge, ­
    the essence of Yog

  • Open the finest channels of breath and praan which lead to the unfoldment of a higher awareness

  • Learn key verses from eternal scriptures and how to apply their truth in daily life

  • Add the dimension of the ever-present, unchanging Knower in your life and impart this experience through pure meditation

Patanjali Yog Darshan:

The order of manifestation, the 24 elements

The stages of consciousness, the samadhis


Teacher Training

An eight week course

two choices of days:

Wednesdays 9.00 AM—10.45 AM October 13—December 1, 2021


Thursdays 7.00 PM—8.45 PM October 14—December 2, 2021


The Bhagavad Gita:

The heart of the Gita, The Song Divine

The Science of Action & Knowledge, ​Gyan & Karm Yog

The Yog of Meditation—Dhyan Yog

Some topics we will cover:


Payment plans available

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Kirtan means to call, celebrate, praise, or glorify. Imbibe these simple chants and fill your being with joy.



Learn eight core praanayams and how to teach them

Sensitizing, balancing, invigorating, and tranquillizing exercises will be covered.


All sessions are recorded and available to download. Once they are downloaded, they are yours, so you never have to miss a class.


You will receive:

  • A certificate of course completion from Himalayan Knowledge 

  • A comprehensive PDF with the topics covered

  • A meditation audio

  • Ongoing email access for any questions that may arise


Prerequisite: This course is designed for anyone who has completed previous Teacher Training Modules or any courses with Himalayan Knowledge. If you have not attended any courses or satsangs, we offer 

 Introduction to Teacher Training course


If you do have experience in meditation and yogic philosophy and have not completed a course with us, please contact us. 

If, under the current circumstances, you have lost part or all of your income,

we are happy to accommodate you.  Please contact us by email.

Payment plan available

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