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In light of the current circumstances, we are unable to travel at this time. However, we will be live online from the Himalayas.    Check out our PERTH 2020 schedule.

The Timeless Jewel of Meditation and Praanayam


Allow your inner jewel of Awareness to shine through:


  • Pure, clear, and effective meditation techniques 

  • Special praanayams that enhance meditation

  • A fresh dimension of Self-knowledge 

  • A plateau of consciousness free from mental dramas, fear, and worry


Wednesday May 20, 2020, 6.30–9.00 p.m. 

Venue: Common Earth Studio

116A Terrace Rd. Guildford, WA

Early-bird by February 14:  $48.00 

Regular price:  $60.00


Chai will be served and you will receive a workshop handout

The sages of India considered supreme Awareness to be the most precious jewel, called the Chintamani.

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